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PYFE S.A.  2012
Proyectos y Fabricación Electrónica (PYFESA) was founded as an Incorporated in 1986 after years as a Ltd. Corporation. Since its foundation, it has focus his business activity in electronic projects for companies that need to apply high technology into their products. Nowadays, their developments are related to both electronic controls and mechatronics. Its main role consists into cooperate with companies incorporating electronic technology into their products. It makes them more competitive. In the same way, it can supply circuits, control production and product updates. In other areas of its work, the company collaborates with technological centers and universities, at both national and European scale. It’s a leading electric engineering internationally, with several patents in different technical fields. Now it’s working on projects including renewable energy developing patents within this sector. Finally, it has developed an own product of marker by dots under the name of CYMAQ, with a technology backed by patents that make them the fastest and most compact on the market .  
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